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 Saṃsāra Clan (Work in Progress)

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PostSubject: Saṃsāra Clan (Work in Progress)   Sat May 21, 2011 12:33 pm

Clan Information

Name: Saṃsāra Clan
Location: Land of Rain-Amegakure
Population: 1 every millennium

Clan Traits

Kekkei Genkai: Rinnegan (Saṃsāra Eye)
Stages: What can it do? does it have stages? If so, put it here.
Special Abilities: The Rinnegan is considered the most powerful Doujutsu known to the shinobi world. It is characterized by the ripple like pattern around the pupil, and though it is most commonly (not that the Rinnegan is common) a purple iris and sclera, the color can varies from orange, to different shades of purple. The first ability of the Rinnegan is that it allows users to master jutsu more quickly. For this, Rinnegan wielders get 50 words off training posts. The second and more known ability of the Rinnegan is that it grants the user all five chakra transformations, with two varying ones. Instead of wind and lightning, the user gets wood and metal to replace them. This is because it has been passed down generation to generation, and has crossed with the genes of other ancestral clans, creating the original five elements, and not what is taught to the shinobi of today. Because of this, it is believed the Rinnegan wielders can master any jutsu that they want. Like it's sister Doujutsu, the Sharingan and Byakugan, the Rinnegan can see chakra, detecting otherwise hidden barriers. The Rinnegan is also known for granting it's wielders access to the Six Paths, a series of techniques exclusive to the Rinnegan. With enough training, one can gain access to the Seventh Path, which serves as a gate between life and death, allowing the resurrection of others. Most Saṃsāra clansmen will track down and kill people to use their bodies as vessels for the paths, and will then undergo a ritual to give the Rinnegan to the bodies. Because of this, the Rinnegan wielder gains access to the vision of all paths, and, as long as each path is looking in every direction, there is no blind spot. Anything summoned from a path also possesses the Rinnegan, alowing the wielder to see and control all of these things.
Clan Jutsu:

Clan History

Current Leader: Tezawari
Clan Founder: Sage of Six Paths
History: How was it formed, what happened during important events, etc?

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Saṃsāra Clan (Work in Progress)
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