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 Rain Terumi wip

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Rain Terumi

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PostSubject: Rain Terumi wip   Sat Jan 01, 2011 3:17 pm

Basic Information

Rain Terumi
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Height: 5ft8
Weight: 112lbs
Clan: N/A

Rain Terumi bear's pure white hair which moulds perfectly with his dark grey hair, His clothing consist of red and black attire, The attire is held down by weights to help with Rain's training, He bear's alot of mark's across his muscular body not only his chest or back but down his leg's across his feet, Each tell's a story and upon his feet he bear's black boots

Childhood : As a child Rain was set to become a very loyal shinobi yet
emotionally he did not feel that, He was indeed emotionally scarred due
to his parent's abusive nature, Rain a shinobi who was never afraid to
show how he felt had gone through massive heartache with abuse and
bullying, He understands the shinobi world but proves he would much
rather protect it against his own village than another

Teenager : As many teenager's Rain was very defiant and thought as
usual that he knew best and would not settle for anything less than
perfection, And ignorant boy who was soon to learn the true meaning of
happyness and love, He never showed his emotion's anymore having changed
alot from being a child, Stupidly he was confident tho foolish

: As an adult Rain understands his emotions are his strenght yet is not
afraid to hide them when needed, He understands each part about him and
is confident enough to speak up and be heard when its needed, He no
longer had thought's about death or suicide and now embraces everything
that happens to him knowing they will make him stronger

Clan Information

Clan Name: Experiment
Clan Symbol: N/A
Kekkei Genkai: Phsycic release
Clan History:
Clan Secret Jutsu:

Name: Physic Palm
Rank: C-Rank
Type:Ninjutsu (Experiment)
Element: Phycic
By shooting his experiment power from his hand Spark's is able to stop
any projectile AND c rank jutsu that is in his way

Name: Physic Dome
Rank: B-Rank
Type:Ninjutsu (Experiment)
Element: Phycic
from the Hyuuga clan's Rotation technique Spark's Releases a blast from
all of his point and maniuplates it into a dome that allows protection
from taijutsu and b rank techniques (able to be used once every 4 post)

Name: Palm Shock
Rank: A-Rank
Type:Taijutsu (Experiment)
Element: Physic - Lightning
By combining two of his element's Spark's releases a physcic blast into
his opponent's body, The blast is imbedded with lightning to paralyise
the body

Name: Physcic Barrage
Rank: B-Rank
Type:Tai (Experiment)
Element: Phycic
If his enemy is 4metres from him spark's can release a barrage of
punches seemingly hitting mid air but by using his ability he can make
these punches become real and smack his opponent as if he had been

Name: Mirage punch
Rank: C-Rank
Type:Taijutsu (Experiment)
Element: Phycic
Spark's once witnessed two scenes in his life that intrigued him, He
watch a man known as a sage fight and a sound ninja, By combining there
techniques to his own Spark's can attack his opponent, If they manage to
avoid the physical blow Spark's can still strike his opponent by using
his phycic ability thus striking the user if missed,

Name: Devastating technique
Rank: S Rank
Type:Ninjutsu (Experiment)
Element: Ninjutsu
The most devastating technique in spark's arsenal a jutsu that will
decide the battle, Spark's techniques are mostly short range but this is
the only long range technique avilable with his experimented ability,
By using every blast of phycic ability in his body spark's can create a
massive and devastating blast that is tall enough to cover a foot ball
field destrying anything in its way, Once the explosion is over small
bubble like rain drops will be suspended within the air and if touch
caus a small amount of phycic damage (like an explosion tag minus the
fire like damage) These will be around the area Spark's seems to be
immune to this but it will also drain Spark's to the point of being
unable to use any techniques for 10 post's Tho fatgued he is still able
to move decently

General Information

Likes: What does your character like? (This is not limited.)
    • Fighting
    • Friends
    • French fries

Dislikes: What does your character Dislike? (This is not limited.)
    • Death
    • Leadership
    • Responsibility

Strengths: What's your character's Strengths?

  • Raw Strenght
  • Animal Senses
  • Super speed

What are your character's weaknesses? (All people must have at least
1-2 weaknesses, no lame weaknesses either.)

  • Death (if he see's someone die infront of him he breaks down (unless he kills them)
  • Loyalty
  • Easily Swayed

Skill Information
Rank: Jounin
Village: Ex-Kumogakure (n)
Letter Rank: S

Specialties: Pick a Specialty. (One for Genin, Two for Chuunin )
Sub: Medical Ninjutsu

Name: Lightning Armour Release
Rank: S-Rank
Element: Lightning
A powerful tecnique that utilises the lightning element, The technique
creates a current of lightning blasting through the body creating a
lightning like shield which boosts the defensive capabilities to the max
and creates of the scale speed so that not even the sharingan can read
the movements

Name: Chakra Enhanced Strenght
Rank: A-Rank
Type : Tai
Element: N/A
a technique that requires pinpoint accuracy in chakra control, The
technique allows one to gain "super human strenght" there punches and
attacks are easily capable of breakiing mountains and lifting giant

  • Landmine Lance-ification Technique
  • Legend of the White Fang
  • Liger Bomb
  • Lightning Ball
  • Lightning Burial: Banquet of Lightning
  • Lightning Destruction
  • Lightning Dragon Tornado
  • Lightning Hound
  • Lightning Illusion Flash of Lightning Pillar
  • Lightning Lion Combo
  • Lightning Oppression Horizontal
  • Lightning Release Armor
  • Lightning Release Shadow Clone
  • Lightning Release: Electromagnetic Murder
  • Lightning Release: False Darkness
  • Lightning Release: Flying Thunder God
  • Lightning Release: Four Pillar Bind

L cont.

  • Lightning Release: Sixteen Pillar Bind
  • Lightning Release: Thunder Binding
  • Lightning Release: Wave of Inspiration
  • Lightning Strike Armor
  • Lightning Surge
  • Lightning Sword

~Background Information~


My Story !!

name is Rain , a shinobi from the village known as netsugakure, My
home, Tho not one i adored, I was a shinobi who excelled in learning the
clan village techniques, The lava release abilities, Tho these were
probably the only thing i liked about the village, Our kage in my
personal opinion was a bit of an ass hole, Not someone who i could get
along with, this is my story, My life ...

I was born on the
special day of netsugakure's own birthday the day of its completion tho a
decade or to after, I was born to the shinobi known as Ketsu and Kana,
Both ninja who were of high rank and personal gaurds of the kage, This
is probably why my feelings toward's the kage came to be, When i was
growing up i was brought up on one principle, If the kage did not like
it in his personal taste i was forebidden to do it, I think my feeling's
for my parents started there...i never felt love, All i knew was
discipline...Shame....dissappointment...Hatred and loathing, My parent's
never did anything with me apart from ninja training, Ill admit i
enjoyed it tho when i got some free time i would watch the other
families train, When the parent's one and well they did they made sure
there child was ok they took them for food ice cream and bought them
present's, Not mine, when i was training and my training started before i
went to the academy it was brutal full on, When they struck me down
they did not pull there punches they did not wait to see if i was ok, I
had bever felt pain like it the physical part was bearable but the
scar's of the lack of emotion would tear me up, My parent's hated that i
was so emotional, I think thats why they wanted to "beat" it out of me
but i couldnt let it happen my emotions kept me sane, Intune with
myself, I had so many scar's on my body they did not notice the multiple
number that i inflicted upon myself, Tho other's did, My academy day's
were not what like other's.


The first day i
started the academy i had a fractured bone in my leg and a broken arm,
My face was swollen from the punches my mother inflicted and almost
every single inch of my body was covered with bandage's, My
eye's.......My sweet innocent eye's were stained with blood not blood
lust but blood, they were almost unusable, It was three or four day's in
my parent's couldnt have been happier i was given a special tutor to
teach me the way of the ninja......they werent happy for me no..the kage
at the time was also trained with a special tutor, My tutor was'nt like
other's he had special" passive abilites, He was blind and he began to
teach me way's of fighting without looking, My eye's slowly began to
heal and everytime we fought i could feel myself getting better i could
hear further than any genin without a clan or special kekki genkai's, My
touch i could feel everything around me from the ground i could feel
each individual grain of dirt sand the texture of it felt so different,
Yet while i used my eye's i noticed i couldnt beat my tutor, With my
senses "tuned" to perfection at souch a young age my sensei taught me
the way's of the lava release AND Taijutsu demanding i were weighted
clothes from now on, That's how i gained my outfit, But was i to know
soon i would be feeling one emotion and another so soon, A year after my
tuter entered me in the genin exam's and with ease i passed performing
the substitution clone and transformation techniques without waisting a
drop of excess chakra


Know i had a chance to
learn new abilites, My tutor has passed the gauntlet and with the
village jutsu 's safely under my belt i was a fair fighter and could
hold my own against any shinobi in the village of genin rank, I was soon
placed within my team whose name's were Zaku And Kerry, Zaku was a
shinobi who used basic earth release ninjutsu and Kerry was a fairly
talented genjutsu user, We decided that we would start of with a
trainign session tho that would not happen as our new team leader
entered the room, His name was Zenkaichi, A blue hair'd shinobi with one
blue eye and...The rinnegan in the other, We had our first practice
that day which consitsted of a pebble test, The idea was to take
pebbal's from Zen's pocket, tho each pebble had a small dose of an
ingrediant known only to the volcanoe were the village was locted within
thus we couldnt just pick up any rock, So the test began, We knew we
wouldnt have a chance of winning but we wouldnt give up, We teamed up
quickly making sure team work was our key speciality, We knew that
Kerry's genjutsu werent going to work so well on a rinnegan user but if
we could get his attention on a genjutsu even for a moment we could
probably get the pebble's back, So we tried, Taking out our shinobi
weapon's (kunai) we burst into the rocky regin were our teacher had
fled, Now as a rinnegan user he had the power over all element's. This
meant he could use the earthy terrain or the flowing lake's, the fire
within his chakra and the lightning aswell, Ontop of that he had the yin
yang elements, So we would have to be very cautious, First of all he
could use techniques that allowed him under the earth but with my
intense hearing i could detect him if he was by the sund of the earth
moving softly ofcourse that depended upon how he moved and how deep he
was, Zaku quickly formed seal's before nodding toward's us and was soon
swallowed up by the earth... Kerry formed handseal's and burst into the
air in her signature style blossom's her nickname was cherry due to the
colour of her blossom's, Now me i had no power over the earth or the sky
so i was on foot, Quickly ijumped from rock to rock sniffing the air to
try to catch a scent when i caught something, Something i shouldnt'
Zaku had surfaced, The sound's of punching slammed through my ear's as
if it happened right next to me, Moving toward's the sound at haste i
found jounin commander but no Kerry, she was hopefully safe,
Zaku was fighting a stranger and my jounin commander was....Well
incopacatated, un moving, Zaku was getting frustrated..He couldnt land a
single blow to the opponent and in one blurred movement he was sent
into the air, The male looked at him and soon a blast of black flame
engulfed my team mate, His scream's blasted through the air before the
flame's were stopped, As the flame's stopped i moved blurring my
feature's as my speed grew and with one powerful jump i caught the earth
genin, Skidding slightly upon my landing i looked at the male who held
his right hand, I had read about many techniques and i knew this one,
Ameratsu an uchiha blood line jutsu. I also knew i couldnt take this man
down but i would try, tho something stopped me, the man had a kunai in
his hand and had placed it to the side of him before slicing, Blood
blasted from the air as Kerry's scream's filled the air, the wound would
not kill her it was'nt deep...But how could he detect her, Her kekki
genkai was that of invisibility not only hiding her body but her scent
her heat and her chak....I see i knew the problem she was'nt capable of
hiding everything at her current level so the uchiha mangeykio sharingan
could see through her, tho as her scream stopped she skidded across the
ground, jumping to escape the male she let a sob escape her, She had
been there for awhile and knew...Our commander was dead. We had to get
away but i knew that would not be easy, Zanku would need medical
attention and i was the fastest yet Kerry would probably be killed, I
think...Id like to think she knew what i was thinking or she condemed me
to a fate worse than death, She used her cherry technique to swoop
Zanku from my arm's and fleee, Tho i heard her whisper in my ear as she
did the word's be safe, I think she knew i could be the only one to
handle this or the one who would survive....the longest... So they were
gone to the dismay of the uchiha i heard him mutter something about the
girl's gene's mixing with another's for perfection, But i wouldnt have
it any other way not really, I moved quickly and tried to aim my fist
into the man's stomach but he easily caught it, Twisting slightly i
brought my feet up to meet the side of his head but again it was
blocked,Tho now he had both arms trapped and i had my other hand and
leg, In one powerful jump i brought my other leg up and slammed it
forward, I felt the crunch of his nose as my foot connected, With a thud
i landed upon the ground and stared the man was holding his nose as
blood trickled from his nose and through his hand, Quickly regaining my
balance i brought my hand's together in seal's and with an all mighty
spit shot out a powerful blast of lava directly toward's the shinobi,
guttingly it was dodged and that is all that happened, I saw the man's
face under his cloak his nose now deformed but his eye's...those eye's
rotated and darkness engulfed me, Taking me away, apparently i awoke a
day or two later but it felt like year's, When i awoke i was strapped to
a bed, I turned but couldnt face it, Lying next to me was my
commander....Blood covered his face as his rinnegan eye was gone....I
was sick all over myself and the bed giving away that i was awake, and
my capturer entered, he fussed over the state of me and i felt
compassion toward's him....He looked harmless his black eye's werent
what you would think, Instead of looking emptyness they felt warm as if
he had felt love felt compassion andknew how to give it, But then i
thought back to my friend's Zaku....He had hurt him my fist shot up but
was blocked, Then the male spoke the voice was'nt the same but the scent
was thats how i knew he was my captor, And then his story came how he
did what he did ...why he did what he did, You see he was an ex
netsugakure shinobi but three ninja were against him......Three i knew
well, My parents and the kage, This man was the kage before hand and had
doen everythign in his power to make our village safe....But three
people turned on him and these three were powerful i should know, Tear's
fell down my face but they also made there way down his own, Those warm
eye's quickly turned to hatred and i knew what he was feeling...The
hatred for the village, The word's escaped my own mouth before i could
help it,

"ill help you fight them"

It was obvious that he
didnt believe what he heard, i explained my own story and showed that
the three people he hated were the same three i hated, He understood
perfectly and spoke to me about the experiment he was perfecting, I
offered myself and if i died id die to take down netsugakure, so we
started, First i was moved to another room one that was better one that
was fitted to my personal taste something that did'nt resemble fire,


was well rested i had slept for three day's solid and was bounding with
energy, The first thing that happened was that my new sensei trained me
in his element which happened to be my natural affinity LIGHTNING, he
taught me the basic's creating every move to perfection untill i could
utilise an arsenel of lightning release, He explained why he took down
my commander he needed the rinnegan but it wouldnt work he needed
someoen who had two and that someone lived in tanigakure or used to he
was unsure that would be my first mission when ready to get those eye's,
Then it began i was taken to the room were he worked on me placing
different type's of dna within my body it turned out this man Sanka was a
medical ninja and pretty famous so i demended to be taugh them, my raw
strenght was amazing on its own adding the personalised chakra enhanced
strenght it meant that i would be unique in the way of taijutsu adding
my rare jutsu known only to me and my shinobi master would mean extra
battle power, so it began experiment after experiment all the
concentrated dna placed in my system, Sometimes it would be ok sometimes
not so much id be in pain all day tear's flying through me but Sanka
would always be there helpin me through it, the pain was harsh but i
knew it would work out....and it did, the experiments were all a great
success and were perfect, Infact i had some new abilities, Due to
sanka's intelligence there was no backlash in fact there was only
amazing power's,tanigakure would be the place for me,

From genin to A Rank

of doing those uselsss exam's there was a way of gainign a better rank
easier, You see i had heard about the Netsugakure ninja who had been
sent out after my master after the attack, six year's had passed since
then making me eighteen year's old and thought dead, So i knew i was
infact a better ninja than any genin, So i decided to intercept them, My
senses were so intune with nature thanks to the experiment they
hightened to new feat's i was infact a highly skilled sensort ho had no
time to learn medical ninjutsu, I scaled the area the ninja were
reported to be and picked up on one of there scent it was heavy with
deadorant, So i blasted after them sensing there chakra level as i
closed in 50 metre's away, And then in less than minutes i was behind
them mere feet away, And then i froze......There stood a girl from her
back i could tell who she was her scent was the same her long blonde
hair perfect, The man his scent i remembered his face his body i did
not, The third man i had no clue who he was, In the end i was frozen
solid and they turned......and froze, Kerry began to speak but Zanku's
voice broke first

".....Rain.....Is it you"

I didnt
speak i nodded unsure what to do, My master burned him badly but...i
loved him.....and Kerry something flashed and the sound of metal on
metal emitted through the air. a kunai was in my hand and had just
blocked a shuriken which thudded patheticly to the ground, the third man
had attacked me and i would not stand for that, I would show them what i
was capable of, In one quick blur i blasted toward's the man un aware
of his own taijutsu skill, each punch was blocked each kick neither of
us landed a blow but i would not falter we soon parted from the dance of
battle as Kerry screamed


the man jumped back and
Kerry grabbed him shaking him, she explained the story of what happened
to me, Zanku took step's forward, I dont know why but i did to i felt
for him...I had never felt this feeling before...a relationship
maybe...He was at me and the next thing i knew i pulled in to as hug
Zanku's tear's patted softly on my shoulder and something took over me i
pulled him slowly off me looking into his large brown watery eye's and i
kissed him shocked when he kissed back but we soon broke apart as the
third man growled, He was his boyfriend and the battle was back on this
time i gave no thought i moved and as i moved electricity blasted around
my body then one more thing happened, the third man let out a gasp as
his throat blasted with blood, My kunai taking his life, Gasps filled
the air from him Kerry and Zanku, they couldnt follow but i noticed one
more thing Kerry had an eye covered...It was soon revealed to be a
sharingan the copy eye just like my master, I knew this would be a tough
fight if it came to it, Zanku was speech less his boyfriend slaughtered
before his eye's, But he didnt look angry he still looked relieved to
see his friend alive....Kerry on the other hand became official and
demanded i turn myself in and ofcourse that i could not do, I explained
why, that i hate the viillage and all that i explained about Sanka and
that snapped Zanku back the man that causedhim that pain, This meant a
fight, Me versus them, Handsigns were soon formed and a pillar of earth
formed over me, But with my own set of seals a large blast of electricty
formed in my hands and blasted the dome to smithereines, i looked to
them before i moved jumping into the tree before looking at them, They
knew perfectly what would happen but zanku fell to his knee's next to
his dead boyfriend, Kerry couldnt attack, they were mortified at the way
i changed, AND SOON i to was in tear's how could i attack them how
could.... Pain blasted through my arm as a metal star struck me, Looking
down Zanku blasted three more in my direction but with movement i was
out of harm's way, Still i was to shocked he attacked me after that
kiss, Kerry also moved her sharingan changed and black flamed engulfed
my arm, Again using my quick movements i ripped the sleeve off and threw
it away, My master had taught me the trick to ameratsu, It was powerful
but slow burning, With a slow sigh i stared at my ex-friends before
forming more handseal's, I through my hands out and a large blast of
lightning blasted through the battle field toward's my opponent's a
large wall of earth was erected but destroyed, I should have remembered
TEAM WORK, behind the wall Kerry had created a blast of wind to block my
lightning, sighing softly i looked toward's them, I slowly began too
melt into the tree unveiling my plant like abilities, I had been
practicing with manipulating the ground and the plant's and in a mili
seconds i appeared behind Carina slaming my fist into her back before
handseals were formed plants shot from the ground binding her the thorns
sticking into her skin making escape a painful subject, Now it was me
and Zanku, He knew he could not win not anymore, But he refused to give
up with a secret pak we both knew elements were out usage and we would
stick to taijutsu SO i got to see his skill the skill that he declared i
created, We fought hard punch kicks EVERYTHING. we attacked viciously
and in the end, One attack that was all that i needed and one accidental
atack was what happened, I slammed my elbow up as he tried to stop it
his nose connected with it and it pushed the bone up to his brain
killing him, I did'nt know what happened all i heard was Carina's
scream's as he fell, My body went numb and it seemed like the body that
killed my team mate was'nt me, I looked at Carina as her tear's slammed
into the ground, every tear she let fall felt like a blow to the gut,
These two these two were friends the family i had left, or i thought,
Voices echoed in the ground they did not recognise me but they would my
anger was released and i allowed my giant chakra reserve to blast
turning i looked at my parents the bastards that tried to raise me, But
they didnt seem happy no they were angry they werent family they were
sinister beings enemies cunts, And i would show them exactly how i felt,
Lightnign blasted around my body and inside of me speeding up every
thing in my body allowing my speed to reach of the chart preportion's,
my defense was also boosted and in one small blur i vanished my mum was
flown across the field as my dad was cut multiple time's but they could
not see me not even Kerry could detect my speed and then i became
visible up on a tree, I allowed this One last glance at there son AND
THERE KILLER, With that i was gone and two gasps almost similtaniously
were heard, Blood poured from the throats of my parents as they fell to
the ground, I allowed Kerry to watch before turnign to her my lightning
gaurd vanished and i released my jutsu before i blasted into the tree's,
Zanku's dying breath repeating in my head.

Death and Betrayal

did'nt return to the hideout that day or any other day, I spent most of
my day's on the run, Netsugakure shinobi were after me all the time and
most of all Carina wanted me dead i had murdered childhood friend's and
other head shinobi's, Even if she did'nt want to fight me her duty was
her top priority and revenge was fresh in her mind, I couldnt return and
lead them to Sanka, It was around 12:30 christmas eve, i had been
classed as an A rank missing nin for taking down Two netsugakure Jounin
and Two Netsugakure Kage body gaurd's, It was definatly a cold christmas
eve and was about to get colder, I had just eaten managing to avoid
shinobi and do a few "Black market" bounty hunts to earn cash, I had
gained the summoning technique from my master and had trained that Fox's
were his speciality and it reminded me of one of the bijuu stories he
told me, But right now i couldnt hack it, I had infact recently taken
down a full bijuu the 5 tailed, I met it one day, It took awhile but my
speed and strenght managed to win causing it to run, And now here i was
doing the same,

"So Its A Cold Night"

looking up my
master my teacher was thee but his eyes, His mangeykio was activated and
i knew what that meant, He was in fighting mode but there was no one to
fight or so i thought, You see he wanted me dead for getting
revenge...His revenge, So as soon as i looked at him i was caught in the
Genjutsu known as Tsukiyome, 72 hour's of pain and tortour but i was'nt
finished yet, Infact i had done something no other had without a
sharingan i had escaped through numbing my body and mind using the
Lightning Release armour. Now escaped i used my lightnign release but
was matched easily, So i knew exactly what to do, I began creating
handseals but was stopped by the black flame engulfing my chest, Tearing
my clothing off i smirked, I was now a lot lighter, So i used my speed
but again was matched, handseals followed and a blast of lava spewed
forth from my mouth, The idiot had never seen my release but once and
now thought water would stop it, The water slammed into the release but
easily steamed up and soon the man was blasted with a hard concrete
blast.he stumbled hard and i moved slamming my fist into his chin
forcing him up into the air and i followed slamming him back to the
ground, You see this idiot had not seen me for week's and i flew into
the air and i mean flew,i had learned the technique, And it was over my
next move screwed him up i used his own technique Lightning armour
release combined with spewing a multiple amount of incredibly fast lava,
Ofcourse he dodged but he landed in my trap my fist enhanced with
strenght broke clean into his face forcing him to fly through the air,
and skid across the ground, The ragged breathing began once more i heard
Zanku combined with Sanka and i knew i had no one, I did'nt bother
waiting on him to die my lightning stimulated my body and i was gone,
Now destined to wander the land but i promise one thing, I will obtain
the rinnegan no matter what, If i have to take down an uchiha a senju
whatever it takes i shall become the strongest there is,


was now 23, Year's had passed since i murdered my friends and my master
not to mention the bastards i once called parent's, Now i had to be
vigiliant Kerry was still after me and i knew i couldnt run forever, I
managed to make it to a small village made for missing ninja and
bandits, The kind of bastards that ruled there were dispicable, In my
travel's i met a rather nice shinobi known as Carina, She was talented
in medical ninjutsu and had a kekki genkai of ice allowing her to
control or create ice instantly, We travelled around for a few year's
untill we reached a small island with no name, it was there that she
turned on me, I should have seen it coming but in all fairness she was
pretty convincing after slaughtering a few ninja from both countries. So
she began explaining what her mission was, She had been sent by her
kage to locate me and gain my trust and to take my life or bring me back
to netsugakure, I had'nt seen the full capacity of her abilities but
like wise she had not seen mine, Another battle started and it seemed
that my life had now been turned into a life of betrayal, Quickly she
formed bird's of ice which came charging at me tho a simple lava glob
jutsu soon melted them, A few punches were thrown but her strenght was
incredible easily matching my raw ability, I moved quickly dodging her
fifth punch and slammed my chakra enhanced strenght punch directly into
her boob, Pain would sear through the female's body as her tit caved in
tho she wouldnt die from that it was obvious ofcourse her perfect body
was now damaged beyond repair, She would recover and push the pain away
and using her small nimble form smashed her own attack into my face
cracking the bone in my jaw forcing me backward's slightly, It took a
few minutes but i managed to recover from her attack before aiming a
punch at her, Her incompetence would be her downfall here as her punch
connected with mine, with the enhanced strenght i held my own punch
caused the bones withing her whole hand and arm to shatter upon impact
causing them to blast from her arm. Blood would pour from the wholes
that the shattered bone's flew from but her quick medical jutsu healed
the whole's tho her arm was useless, In one quick swift movement a
thousand ice needles blasted into my body forcing me to release a
powerful scream of pain, I had one choice my jutsu activated lightning
blasted around my body stimulating the senses and powering and speeding
up the metabilism of my dna allowing my speed to reach un-imaginable
hight's, with one step i vanished from kerries view and appeared infront
of her, Blood trickled down my stomach quickly but with one powerful
spit lava blasted into her face forcing her to release her own blood
curling scream, It wouldnt be long before these scream's died down tho
as her life slipped away, I opened my mouth as her body fell to the

"I was wrong, Your incredibly ugly"

Now i travel and find myself in a place were dusk and shadows rule

chuckled softly as my stroy comes to an end for now im now in the
present day tho i shall continue to right my story, I guess you'll have
to see what happened,


Man the day
was terrible, The dark cloud's swirling above in the poorly lit sky,
Even the star's had given up shining, They couldnt beat the darkness no
one could. no matter how the light shone it was'nt enough or so he
thought, Rain Terumi a shinobi formerly of kumogakure had been caught in
the darkness of the land of shadow's, Self pity had over taken his
heart as he thought about the events that happened his friends murdered
by his own hands his master turned against him and again the blood of
his death lay upon Rain's body, There was'nt much left for him nothing
at all, So he did what he thought would help, Taking out a kunai he knew
how to end his pain, End his life the pain will be no more, So he
brought the kunai toward's his throat only to stop upon hearing foot
print's, coming in his direction with one quick movement the kunai left
his hand and soon the scream's of one man wuld emit around the forest
like area, Standing up Rain went to investigate and found one man one
single ninja hia body impaled by the kunai lying upon the ground, Would
he help, No he wouldnt Rain smiled as he raised his foot and with one
powerful stomp brought it down upon the man's head hard crushing it upon

(meh sorry tiz crappish hearts not in it )
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