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 GRAND OPENING! "The Divine Cataclysm"

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PostSubject: GRAND OPENING! "The Divine Cataclysm"   Sun Dec 26, 2010 1:16 am


Ages passed and the Shinobi world continued to strive. The age of our former heroes has passed and the age for new heroes has arrived. The screams of despair produced by War echoed throughout the five nations, and soon the lands surrounding them. This war was sparked by the assassination of the Hokage’s 7 year old daughter at the hands of 4 Radicals from Kiri, Suna, Kumo and Iwa and now all of the lands are feeling the backlash of that event. With Konoha at throats with Kumo, Iwa, Suna and Kiri, one could easily say that the end of the Five Nations was drawing near until one unknown figure made an appearance, and resurrected the soul and body of the Fallen 7 year old, returning calm to the lands of fire, which brought an end to the war for now. 20 years from that event and the countries are still recovering, but things seemed to be running smoothly. Unknown to others, the event of the past triggered something which will lead to a chain of events that could result in The Divine Cataclysm, the end to all things. We present an storyline that can be manipulated by all of the Active members of Cataclysm, not only the staff. We Provide a large variety of paths that allow great customization of your character of your preference. We ARE a mature site [Mature stuff "MUST" have spoiler tags]. Will you be the Hero that will prevent the Cataclysm from Occuring!? Will you assist in the coming of the Catalysm!? Will you be a Ninja with your own Agenda for the future of the Shinobi world!? If you think you’re ready for whats about to come to the shinobi world, pick up your Headband, your Kunai and come register.
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GRAND OPENING! "The Divine Cataclysm"
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