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  Isuzu Hinoshi (done)

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PostSubject: Isuzu Hinoshi (done)   Mon Dec 20, 2010 11:51 pm

Basic Information
[center]-Insert Image-[/center]
Name: Isuzu Hinoshi
Age: Nineteen [19]
Gender: Male
Height: 5''9
Weight: 165

Looks: Isuzu has bulked up quite a bit in his years since becoming a chuunin. He now stands at about 5'9" tall, and weighs about 165pds. He has a good muslce tone, though he is more of a speed demon than a muscle-head. The rest of his body has gone through quite a few changes as well. He now carries a scar across his nose from a battle with his mentor, Kade. His white hair has darkened a bit, making it appear slightly less white. It has grown out again, but is more laid back and calmer than before. A clear sign of his maturity over the years, though his bangs still hang over into his yellowish-orange eye. Upon his body are also several seals, used during combat. The most notciable part of his body would be his fake eye in his left eye socket.

Isuzu's clothing hasn't changed at all since his promotion to jounin. He still wears a more mysterious and cool looking outfit than his previous childish one. He wears a long red scarf around his neck. This scarf goes down to his knees when he stands straight up, with the ends torn. He then wears a black, tight, sleevless shirt to match his black pants. Around his waist he wears a red belt which has notches to hold his various scrolls. Around his left arm he wears a tan sleeve that is strapped on to his arm by a black arm-band. The left arm is also wrapped in gauze. He then wears black arm bands on his bicep as well as his complete forearm. He then wears black socks with black shinobi shoes over them. His Iwagakure headband is located on his left arm.

Personality: The best way to describe Isuzu would be the word easy going. He is nonchelaunt about most things, simply allowing everything to happen how it will. He is a firm believer in destiny. This means he believes that, one way or another, things will happen. He is a very nice and kind person, always helping whenever he can. He is fun-loving and outgoing, and many concider him to be youthful at heart. His alleigence to Iwagakure is unwavering, as is his will. He loves the ladies as well. His drive to track down Ibaku has been re-lit as he now wanders from village to village, land to land, searching for anyone with any information on the mans wereabouts.

In battle Isuzu is a very dangerous opponent. His methods of fighting normally differ from opponent to opponent, Adjusting to how he thinks the opponent will react next. He is right on his assumptions most of the time. He tends to lean towards beginning the fight using a his sword. This is normally to test out his enemies reflexes and quick thinking skills. Once he has a good enough knowledge of their skills, he begins to throw jutsu in the mix. Once this happens the strategist Isuzu comes out to play. He will set up traps that arent intended to be sprung for another 3 or four posts, knowing exactly how to migrate the enemy towards the traps. Overall he is a very dangerous opponent to fight, though he will allow the enemy to walk away if he deems them worthy of a rematch once they get stronger.

Clan Information

Clan Name:
Clan Symbol: (Any clan symbol, crest, if none put N/A)
Kekkei Genkai:
Clan History:
Clan Secret Jutsu:

General Information

Likes: What does your character like? (This is not limited.)
    • Like #1 Ramen
    • Like #2 Women
    • Like #3 Fishing

Dislikes: What does your character Dislike? (This is not limited.)
    • Dislike #1 Onions
    • Dislike #2 Bugs
    • Dislike #3 The site of blood

Strengths: What's your character's Strengths?
  • Black Smith
  • Quick Reflects
  • Tactical Genius

Weakness: What are your character's weaknesses? (All people must have at least 1-2 weaknesses, no lame weaknesses either.)
  • Genjutsu
  • Water Element Justsu
  • loose focus when angry

Skill Information
Rank: Jonin, .
Village: Hidden in the rock village
Letter Rank:, A

Elements: Katon, Neton (advance form of Katon)
Specialties: Fuunin jutsu, Weaponry
Main:Fuunin Jutsu
Sub: Weaponry


ous. The threshold is about twenty jumps in quick succession.[/spoiler]

History and RP Sample:

History: Pre-Genin Years
Born to one of the greatest clans in the history of Iwagakure, this young Hinoshi had high expectations later on in life. He had the normal life. Father was a jounin, mother was a shinobi as well, and an older sister who he got along with ok. His mother then got the erge to kill herself because of her inability as a shinobi. This was a great blow to Isuzu and Kaijin, who both loved thier mother dearly. Isuzu was only 3 at the time. With their mother gone, the Hinoshi siblings focused their attention to Ryo Hinoshi, their father. He taught them the history of the Hinoshi and was the first to reveal the bloodline techniques to them. He trained Kaijin more in the sealing aspect of the bloodline while he taught Isuzu the swordsmanship part more. It was while out training one day that our young hero would learn the tragic truth. His father was killed by Ibaku Hinoshi. He died honorably tring to stop him from leaving the village. Now orphans, the siblings were taken in by Fubuki Hinoshi, the man who would become the next Tsuchikage.

Genin Years
The young Isuzu Hinoshi then began making a name for himself around Tsuchi. He fought many battles in the colliseums, showing his prowess and fighting abilities. His only tie was with Shinseki, a shinobi that would later become his best friend and rival. He also had many adventures, including joining a group of misfits called the "Royal Flush". He was given the 7 card by Kairu Rejest, the leader. He also trained under Sheena Fujibayashi, a very talented Fuuinjutsu master. She taught him how to seal away demons and the like. These were the two most notable things he did as a genin, besides the following event.

The names were posted in the town square for the chuunin exams. On it were 4 names, each the strongest genin Tsuchi had to offer. Isuzu, Shinseki, Tozen, and Tobu. They were each given a different task to complete. Isuzu's task was to travel to Suna with a scroll containing important information. On his travel he acquired a blade called the Endoki, a powerful sword of great importance. He also encountered a man named Kade, and an evil man named Rafiki. The two were involved in a battle. Kade protected Isuzu and, in the end, gave his life to protect Isuzu from the evil man. Isuzu made it to Suna in one peice, and was transported to Tsuchi. He immediatly entered into the second part of the exam. Here he faced a lava beast and almost destroyed the entire village. In the end, Nus passed Isuzu, granting him the rank of chuunin of Tsuchi.

Chuunin Years
This is when the changes began to happen. The leader of the clan, Fubuki Hinoshi returned to lead the clan back into prosperity. It turned out that the Fubuki that had taken care of Isuzu all those years was actually Ibaku, the Great Betrayer. A confused Isuzu decided to follow the rest of his clan into Suna, where they were supposed to live forever more. However, Isuzu wasnt happy with Suna. He began to feel bad for leaving the only thing that had been real in his life the past 15 and 1/2 years. So, after a final meeting with his sister, he left to return to his home. Then, after a meeting with Nus and Shinseki involving Isuzu being punched out of a window, he was accepted back into Tsuchi as a chuunin. He has never been happier.

Our young chuunin then took up a young student who had been in the academy when Isuzu was a genin. This genin's name was Wezurii Matox. He had the skill, the smarts, and the initiative to make it a long way in the shinobi world, and it was up to Isuzu to get him to where he needed to be. A pleasent suprise came to when both himself and his student were given a rank up exam, his for jounin and Wez's for chuunin. He was assigned a misson to travel to Konoha, where he was to fight a jounin from that village that had been predetermined. It wasnt long into his journey when he came across a demon, which he had to track down and kill. With help from his Gaurdian Angel. The two of them traveled to one of Isuzu's many bases, where they encountered an army of Zombies. These zombies put up quite a fight, but it ended with Isuzu blowing up the bulk of the army and striking down the Alpha Zombie with his sword. He woke up from that fight in the house of a Hinoshi member from Konoha. After a conversation and some healing, Isuzu set out to the Village gates, where the second stage of his exam was to commence. After fighting a jounin from Konoha to proove his worht, Isuzu was passed, becoming a full fledged jounin of the Land of Stone.

Jounin Years
It was during these years that Isuzu the boy really flourishe into Isuzu the man. Upon his return to Tsuchi, he requested to be allowed to travel the world, seeing the other Great Villages and learning all he could about the world outide of Tsuchi. He was approved with the condition that he would have to record all of his learnings for Tsuchi's use, as well as reporting in every year to give them his reports. During his travels the jounin came across several different things. He obtained equipment and widened his reknown signifigantly. He also broadened his knowledge of the Great Traitor, Ibaku Hinoshi. He gained all he could about the man, though his search still continues. Isuzu has also gained several powerful techniques in his journeys, some somewhat questionable as to their motives.

However, after a few years of wandering, he decided to settle down in Tsuchi again. He is now leading a team and is co-leader of the ANBU. Many consider him to be the most powerful jounin in Tsuchi, a sure bet for the next sennin position, if no Tsuchikage.

RP sample: The sun bore threw the shades covering his window. It had been a rather long night, and the jounin had only gotten a few hours of sleep before that cursed light shone threw. He cracked his one eye open, the other being ever covered by his Kasaigakure headband. He rolled over, but the light coming from the window opposite the other had the same effect. "Fine, I’m getting up! Damn." The jounin shouted, as he placed his feet on the cold hardwood floor. He wore nothing but a pair of plain white boxers, though not for long. Walking over to his closet, he pulled out his normal set of clothing. After washing up a bit, he placed the clothes on over his body, and proceeded out of his door. "...There’s that dang sun again..."

Today was a rather special day for Isuzu. He had thought long and hard on his residency in Kasai these past few years, and had ultimately decided the world had more to offer to him than this humble little village could muster. For, although he had accomplished great things in the name of the village, he knew little about the world outside of it. Hell, besides his short stay in Suna, he hadn’t hardly even left the village for longer than a week or two. There was still plenty to see and many people to meet all across the world. And, most important of all, he was still out there. The man that took everything from him, the man that caused his childhood to be without his real parents.

Ibaku Hinoshi. That name alone was enough to strike both fear and hatred into the heart of any tried and true Hinoshi clansmen. The man had once been the most respected and powerful Hinoshi in the clan. Everyone thought he was a shoo-in for Kasaikage as well. However...something happened. For unknown reasons, Ibaku abandoned the village of Kasai and the Hinoshi. He even killed a few of the clan in order to escape, including Isuzu's father. This sparked much hatred for him, but also made others realize just how powerful this man was. Isuzu's father was also one of the most powerful of the clan, yet had been taken down so easily by Ibaku. Its was scary to most, but not Isuzu. He wasn’t scared of Ibaku. Or, his fear wasn’t anywhere near the level his hatred for him was. This was the reason for Isuzu's hard work and training over the years. He had finally reached the level required to stand a chance against the man. Now was the time to initiate his plan.

Making his way into the Marbled Phoenix Hall, Isuzu felt little sorrow. After all, he wasn’t abandoning his village. As a matter of fact, it was quite the opposite. He was venturing to strengthen himself so he could better protect the village and its residents. He approached the door of Nus Khan, the leader of Kasai. Nus and himself have had a very shaky past at best. It begun when Isuzu blew up a volcano, which almost destroyed the village, and then got far worse when he left to go to Suna to live with his clan. Though, it was highly rekindled when he returned, leaving his clan and showing true allegiance to Kasai. Though he had gotten punched out of a building by Nus, he knew deep down this meant a lot to the man. Knocking on the door, Isuzu heard a thundering voice. "Come in."

Isuzu nudged open to door to see Nus sitting behind his desk. He had his boots up on the desk with his hands behind his head, just chillin'. Well, atleast he appeared in a good mood. "Nus-sama, theres something I need to speak with you about." Nus simply nodded, which wasn’t a great sign. Apparently he couldn’t even give Isuzu the decency of a verbal reply. "I wish to travel the world, Nus-sama. I want to leave the village, for a time, to discover new things, meet new people. Ya know what I mean." Isuzu looked down at the floor. However, thinking quickly, he looked back up to peer Nus in the eyes. The Kasaikage was one of those kind of people that appreciated that. "Ha-ha. What is it with you and wanting to leave the village, anyways? Its like you do ANYTHING you can think of to piss me off, kid."

Damn, that definiatly wasnt the kind of reply the jounin was hoping for. He kind of wished Nus would go back to using body language, instead of using words that didn’t help Isuzu's cause at all. "That isn’t my intent at all, Nus-sama. I just think there are things out there that I need to se..." Isuzu was stopped, interupted by Nus. "I know what it is! You want to go out and get revenge for your father! Your wanting to gather information on Ibaku." Isuzu was surprised at how easily Nus pieced that together. Was he that easy to read? "...Yes, that is one of my goals. However, that isnt the only thing. I wish to make myself stronger, so I will be able to protect the people of this village better." Nus simply laughed off the remark with one of his own. "Ha-ha. Bullshit, Isuzu. You want to become stronger so you can kill ole' Ibaku. Im no idiot, boy."

"Still thinking you know everything, huh Nus? Dosent it get old always having to be right? Dont you ever wana try a little of the wrong every now and again?" Isuzu said, anger rising in his voice. Just because he was enlightened didnt mean he wasnt able to express his feelings. A calm and collected Nus sighed at Isuzu's remark. "Boy, listen to me.." Isuzu couldnt hold it in anymore. He had to get it all out. "Thats you problem Nus. You always want others to listen to you, yet you never take the time to listen, rathe it is to yourself or others. Im convinced that if you heard the harsh words coming out of your mouth you would hate yourself just as much as the rest of us do! Just because your Kage dosent give you that right!" The jounin was now breathing hard, but he was done now.

"Bravo, Isuzu. Spoken like a true Hinoshi. A few more of those and the only difference between you and Ibaku will be that he could kill you without thinking." This was the last straw. Drawing the Heaven Piercer from his back, he pointed it straight at Nus's neck. "I am NOTHING like him. The only thing similar between us is our ability to strike you down, Nus. NEVER compare to that man, understand? I am superior to him in everyway possible, and I will proove it upon my return of my travels, rather you approve it or not. Send you little hounds, but you know they will not be a match for me. Im the best you've got in this whole village. Youd' be a fool to send anyone besides yourself to challenge me." Isuzu then exhaled, lowering his sword and placing it in his sheith. Through that whole outburst Nus had sat there, still as a cucumber. He wasnt worried one little bit. He knew all along Isuzu wouldnt harm him.

"Nus-sama, I.." Nus put his hand up in the air, signifiing for Isuzu to stop speaking. Was he going back to body language again? However, he then began to speak. "It is ok, Isuzu. I wanted to get you angered, to see how far you would go. You have prooven to me that you are different than Ibaku in the way that you do have self restraint, something he lacked. And your right, you are the best I have. Thats why I'd love it if you stayed here. However, do what you must do, on one condition. You must fill out a report, and return it to me personally once a year on your travels and everything you have learned of the other villages." Isuzu couldnt believe his ears. Has Nus Khan, the super hard ass mega strict Kage just given him leave to travel the world with only that one hitch? Smiling, Isuzu nodded. "I can do that, Nus-sama. Thanks!" With that, Isuzu dashed out the door, and headed towards his house.


He made it to the mountains of Kasai before sunset. He had all of his important belongings sotrred in scrolls carried in his backpack, and all equipement and weapons on his body somewhere. He already had a tent set up and a fire roaring. The jounin was laying under the stars, simply thinking over many different things. Many strange and exciting adventures waited for the jounin in the near future. He would experience great loss and even great gain as well. He would grow far stronger and wiser, becoming one of the most knowledgeable men in the shinobi world. But that night, all was peaceful.


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PostSubject: Re: Isuzu Hinoshi (done)   Tue Dec 21, 2010 1:36 am

Weapons and Equipment

Basic Ninja weapons


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PostSubject: Re: Isuzu Hinoshi (done)   Tue Dec 21, 2010 10:47 am

What village are you going to be in? And since you have three strengths, you should have three weaknesses.

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I edited it
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Since Ninjutsu isn't your specialty, remove anyway Ninjutsu higher than B-Rank

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PostSubject: Re: Isuzu Hinoshi (done)   

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Isuzu Hinoshi (done)
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