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 Tainzo Kazura [WiP]

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PostSubject: Tainzo Kazura [WiP]   Sun Dec 19, 2010 2:54 pm

Basic Information

Name: Tainzo Kazura
Age: Twenty [20]
Gender: Male [M]
Height: Five Feet and Eleven Inches [5'11"]
Weight: One-Hundred and Forty-Two Pounds [142 lbs]
Clan: Kazura Clan

Looks: Tainzo Kazura is built entirely like a heavyweight. Every aspect of this young angel is sculpted to a muscular setting, leaving Tainzo with a somewhat bulky overall build. This angelic structure is almost too perfect to be called human, as each and every muscle in his godly body is toned to the perfect size. His hair is a horror colored black and blood red. Tainzo's eyes are an obsidian color, seeming to also appear a bit in his iris, but overall, his iris are the normal shade of white. The daimyo's forehead is of average size, not too big, yet not too small as to be completely hidden behind his beautifully styled hair. His nose is a bit pointed, but not too much that it is seriously noticeable. His mouth his of average size, and his ears are rounded off and dangle at eyes length on the side of his head. His neck isn't very thick, but it is thick and durable enough to hold his welterweight head atop his body. His neck leads to his broad shoulders, built like an average sized boxer, yet delicate enough to cradle one in his arms. Speaking of his arms, they are sculpted off partially roundly, but are actually quite large. His biceps are the largest parts of either arm; his wrists being the smallest next to his medium sized hands. His torso is what Tainzo is most proud of, always willing to show off his steel-solid washboard abdomen, along with his solidly rounded off pecs. His legs are a bit thick, as his calf and thigh muscles are stretched to their maxes. His feet are of average size for your everyday six foot male. With his bodily features described, we are enlightened as to what he wears to cover most of them.

Personality: Tainzo is a man that radiates power. He fears no one, but knows in fact that he is feared. He is a sadist, who enjoys the smell of blood and the final cry of people he doesn't like. Even though he is easily attracted to women, he shows mercy to no one who crosses him; whether it be a child, a woman, an elder--anyone. He is a cold blooded and ruthless murderer, disturbed and warped in the mind. Even though he is sadistic on the outside, he is actually a softy on the inside. Really, his anger and aggressiveness is just a shell from the shinobi world. After the death of his parents, Tainzo became a self-centered sociopath, with the only drive being the desire to make himself stronger. He is really just a natural born leader, and even though he is a loner, people look up to his fearlessness. If someone doubts his leadership, they could simply look at Tainzo's legacy as the Daimyo of Chaos, and clan leader of the Kaosu Dynasty.

Clan Information

Clan Name: Kazura
Clan Symbol:
Kekkei Genkai: Ayatsuriryoku - Power of Manipulation

First State: Life Finder - Itonami Fainda

the first state of the Ayatsuriryoku, the Itonami Fainda, a member can allow their chakra to flow through a certain part of their body, and use it as they want. This is mainly used within the limbs(Arms, legs, palms, hands, feet, etc), and for uses of their chakra sensory abilities. Within this first state, one can slide their chakra into the ground, or in the air around them and use it as a medium for a sensory, seeing where an opponent might be, and what kind of threat it can do. Other abilities in this state include the ability to form weapons, shields, and other types of stuff with their chakra, this is utilized by condensing their chakra, to an explosive, or for an object form.. But is limited by how much one's chakra can do. This skill can also see what elemental property, amount of chakra, and how much of a threat that ninja is, but is limited by the range. A member must be at least 10m from the target of the sensory. this is triggered by the motion of one's own chakra, and their elemental affinities, shown by the feeling of the chakra against another, or grasping an opponent, and totally seeing what kind of chakra they have, and how much.

Second State: Life Flower - Seimei Kusabana

The Second state of the Ayatsuriryoku, the Seimei Kusabana, usually named for it's 'Flower-like' texture for the release of one's chakra. The flower-like texture is mainly showed because it has small streams of chakra flowing through the veins, pulsing a bit up from the skin, and through the waves of chakra being released, almost like a breeze across flowers. One's veins and arteries begin to show on their arms and legs as the chakra network begins to expand for the more rapid use of chakra. This is mainly used to condense or manipulate chakra freely through their bodies, or around the area, yet at a small cost. Using the chakra they release, takes more of their energy to utilize. Yet, the same abilities still go through, but at a more powerfully and smooth pace. For some reasons, a member can utilize chakra to mend their own wounds, but have to have precise precision for this to happen, and to their own wounds, not anything else.

-Medical Ninjutsu skill needed for healing.-

Third state: Life Giver - Jinsei Ataenushi

The Third state of the Ayatsuriryoku, the Jinsei Ataenushi, the Life giver, a member can use chakra to their own extent, using their own elemental chakra, or just plain chakra. It depends on what happens to the user, and what can happen, to see what can truly be achieve. Hence the name, one's chakra can become a healing property, using a Medical Science for their own use to actually heal a person with their own life energy. Using their chakra in a constant flow, nothing holding it back, one who uses this state, can conjure up Jutsu much more powerfully, and more effective. Yet, using this state can slowly break down the chakra network to nothing, making it impossible to use any Ninjutsu or Genjutsu ever again, because both of them use chakra. This state is dangerous enough to kill a person in their tracks if used too much.
Clan History: It was too long ago. No one can really remember it. But, even through it all, it happened. To his best arguments, they existed. And to her disbelief, they survived. But what are they? Simple assassins that tried to kill people? A clan of ninja sporting around basic swords killing what they wanted? Or perhaps, they were a group of elite shinobi who underwent specific experiments? And if that were the case, they had to have survived and reproduce, in order to pass this genetic alteration to a new generation. In fact, they could have even been a different race, even slightly, and have modified their own bodies to match those of the humans we see today. In all honesty, no one knows. But what is known is that Kirigakure no sato was home to a small group of special shinobi. Each one of them born with the brain power of an ant, though, none of them can do anything special until they turn five. From five to eight years old, if they have the power, they can control it better than ever before. After they hit nine years old, they are enrolled in the academy. It is in here they discover their true power of being able to detect chakra more than any other, as well as seeking it out. But then, it happened. When Kiri was wiped out, so was this “clan,” if it could indeed be called that. However, a single person remained, for he had been out of the village. After mastering his jutsu, he became frozen in a lake by accidentally falling in.

The wings, a birth trait of the Kazura, were formed by the first generation of Kazura manipulators. Using a special jutsu, based on manipulation of one's own bodily form, they were able to create a gene for the clan to grow wings on their back, these genes were used with the bird's, and their own, to create such angelic wings with the most grace of ease. These wings are made of pure skin and bone, and in some cases, when a Kazura have no wings at birth, a tattoo is placed on each side of the member's back, mainly on the shoulder blades, to create wings of chakra by channeling their chakra through the tattoo, and expelling it out through the back. These wings are mainly Angelic and have some special trait, for special Kazura wielders, and other types of methods, for making them special. Anything other than that, it's nothing considered with he Kekkei Genkai.
Clan Secret Jutsu:

Name: Chakra Tendril.
Type: -
Rank: D
Element: -
Effects: Within the first state of the Ayatsuriryoku, a member is able to sway their palm into the air, or place it to the ground and channel their chakra either in the air, or into the ground. The shape of the chakra will begin to form into a small tendril, or a more massively shaped one. Some members are able to summon up more than just one tendril at a time, to use for the attack or defense of one's self, but is mainly used for getting things from a distance.

Name: Chakra Condense
Type: -
Rank: -
Element: -
Effects: Utilizing the Ayatsuriryoku, state one to two, three at max, a member is able to condense normal chakra, or elemental types to more powerful forms of it's use. This can happen depending on the rank of the jutsu, following with this kind, and amplifying one's own power to a certain extent. Varies kinds of jutsu can be utilized by this single technique, but is something any Kazura can learn.

General Information

    • Dango
    • Women
    • Chaos

    • Yakatori
    • Ignorant People
    • Peace

  • Unprecedented Intellect
  • Superior Swordsmanship
  • Strongest Man Alive
  • Huge Chakra Pool/Amazing Control/Kyuubi

  • Fragile Wings
  • Raiton Techniques
  • Wasabi Allergy
  • Large Target for Assassins

Skill Information
Rank: Daimyo
Village: Land of Chaos~Kaosugakure
Letter Rank: S-Rank

Elements: Though Tainzo does not possess a true element, he can mold his chakra into the shape, form, and even give it the properties of any element.
Main: N/A
Sub: N/A
Alt: N/A
Main: Ninjutsu
Sub: Kenjutsu
Alt: Fuuinjutsu


Weapons and Equipment

Name: Chuukai [Gloss]
Use: Offensive
Type: Katana
Rank: S
Material: Naranium
Description: The blade known as Gloss is one of, if not the strongest, katanas known to ninja. It has two main abilities, and several smaller ones. The most noteable ability of this blade is that it gets a tiny bit sharper every time it causes friction with another object. This is a strange ability, one unknown even to Tainzo himself. Besides Naranium, many materials were used in the blade of this great sword, but Tainzo has no clue or lead as to which one causes this. The second and lesser known ability, is that when a Kazura's chakra is sent throughout it, the blade becomes unblockable. The only appropriate way to dodge this blade is to parry out ofthe way, because when someone as powerful as Tainzo sends their Kazura chakra through, it can ct through practically anything of it's own rank. Only three direct Katon techniques at S-Rank would be able to completely destroy the blade. Another lesser known ability is the fact that it is as light as a feather while a Kazura wields it, yet if any other person does, it feels like a ton. Also, Tainzo stores chakra in the hilt of the beautiful sword, so that it will release and send a brutal shockwave through the stranger's nervous system, leaving them paralyzed for two posts. system. Only Tainzo knows of this, because the few people who have gotten the blade away from the man were killed.
Origin: Handcrafted by Tainzo himself, this blade was the first ever smithed out of the secret Kaosu alloy, Naranium. Other alloys were put in as well, but the blade is mostly made up of the Narame metal. Tainzo crafted the masterpiece just days before becoming the Daimyo of the land of chaos.

Name: Chakra Disruption Glaive
Use: Offensive
Type: Polearm
Rank: B
Special Abilities: A chakra conductive polearm that when blade breaks skin, the chakra flow in a person's body, even Tainzo's. This lasts for two whole posts, and if the blade is stuck in a person for over a post, chakra begins draining from their body.
Material: Naranium
Origin: A special polearm that came with Tainzo's armor, crafted from Kazura alloy.


Name: (The name of your jutsu)
Rank: (Rank of your jutsu)
Range: (To where the jutsu can go to, what is the limit)
Type: (Ninjutsu, Kenjutsu, etc)
Element: (The element of your jutsu)
Descriptions: (Give full description of your jutsu. Inlcuding what it does, it limits, range and how much area can it cover if it do)

History and RP Sample:

History: The History of your character. Please put in arcs.

RP sample: How well do you RP? The better the RP sample, the better the rank. This must be a sample of how you normally RP, no putting up a non-original one, or a Training topic. This must be how YOU RP on your own.

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Tainzo Kazura [WiP]
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