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 Amizaru branch of the Kaosu

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PostSubject: Amizaru branch of the Kaosu   Sun Mar 28, 2010 8:01 pm

Clan Information

Name: Amizaru
Location: Konohagakure no Sato
Population: C Class. 350+.

Clan Traits

Kekkei Genkai: Makaiame -Hell's Rain-
Stages: The Makaiame is a very rare and special sort of Kekkei Genkai, allowing the member to be immortal, but at the cost of chakra in return for it's effects. However, a small marker of how long a member is expected to last in a certain point of being is also administered, with may be a very long time, maybe thousands, and maybe hundreds of thousands of years. Even with the more rapid of healing of the body, and it's greatly increased sense of survival, any vital organs and body parts(Ex: Spinal cord, brain, heart, etc) can easily kill the member on the hit. With such an attack on their body, and to protect their nature of immortality, the Amizaru have the dead bodies blown up on the death of the member, leaving no trace for evidence. Katon, ironically enough, it's main elemental release to it's standard, but also is it's weakness in it's immortality effect.

But in some cases, members with special seals placed on their body allows them to withstand more hits to them, and can heal a bit faster than a normal shinobi. Thus, being almost Vampiric. But, as all great people may come to be, if the seal is broken with any type of attack that would release the magics of the seal, instant death would come upon the member. This would occur if hit by a blade in the exact center, or overuse of chakra, and the chakra levels hit dead zero. Since this seal is of chakra-substance and Fuuinjutsu, it requires chakra to maintain it's structure.

Way of Life: Last but not least, the Amizaru lifestyle is based on the color of chakra coursing through their body, and the type of marker placed on them at birth. With all the clans in motion, the Amizaru is the most productive of the clan. This part of the clan has mainly the eye and wings slightly different than the Kazura branch. With the immortality effect in place on the ninja, the wings are slightly more to the hell bent way of the ninja, mainly like a demonic set of wings, more than just an angel pair of wings.

The Amizaru focus more on Trade and Science/Research. With their knowledge of everything they have encountered in many ways, they seem to learn much more than a normal person, since their bodies usually never change during their long lives. Their bodies tend to stop aging after the age of 21, so they learn a lot about themselves and put distinct research on dead people of their clan, and trade with many of the countries and villages they meet and go to, making the entire clan very wealthy, along with the riches of their research and development of their techniques and bloodline.
Special Abilities: Immortality, Increased Knowledge of the world.
Clan Jutsu:

Name: Katon • Herukasai -Fire Release • Hellfire-
Rank: S
Type: Ninjutsu
Element: Katon[Fire Release]
Description: Katon • Herukasai is utilized by the Fire element. Using their ability to be immortal, a member can stance a Forty-two Trigram stance and release a torrent of fire across a massively ranged area. Moving their palms to the sky, a member can alter the shape of the torrent of fire and manipulate it into a sphere and crash it into the earth. This will both damage themselves and an opponent. More or less the member will be alive or dead, depending on what they have for immortality, and so the opponent not might be so lucky.

Name: Flare Cut - Furea-Kizu -
Rank: B
Type: Taijutsu
Element: Katon[Fire Release]
Description: Utilizing the ability to be immortal, an Amizaru Member can be slightly injured by this. Focusing a small amount of chakra into a desired area of the body, they can send it towards an opponent and begin to, 'Slice it' down to size with just a movement of a palm/leg/foot/etc. This can cause minor damage to the member as well as the opponent itself. This is a close-range Taijutsu that can go long range from 5-10m at a time per cut.

Name: Blind Fire -Buraindo Kaki-
Rank: B
Type: Genjutsu
Element: Katon[Fire Release]
Description: Moving a palm in the air in a circle, the opponent can believe that spheres of concentrated fire that are appearing around the caster, aiming towards them with some speed as thousands more begin to come forth from the sky. This effect can affect both physically and mental well being to the person, because if the caster has the Katon elemental release, they can throw a small amount of fire to make it more real.

Name: Mind Oblivion -Nentou Boukyaku-
Rank: A
Type: Genjutsu
Element: N/A
Description: Swirling a simple palm in the air and looking an opponent directly in the eyes, the caster can make the opponent believe that the walls/area around them is melting down to nothing but darkness. In this darkness, the caster can pretend to shoot waves of fire/ice/water/lightning/etc at the opponent, causing fear and insanity to occur in the opponent's mind. This is a temporary effect based on the caster's movements, and can be interrupted at any time.

Clan History

Current Leader: N/A
Clan Founder: Hazuno Amizaru
History: N/A


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Amizaru branch of the Kaosu
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