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 Traveling Rules

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PostSubject: Traveling Rules   Sat Mar 13, 2010 8:22 pm

Now everyone would like to travel from one village to another. Well sorry to disappoint you genin. You are not allowed to leave the village without a chuunin or jounin to guide you. If a genin was to try and escape the village there will be consequences and the villages will take action and hunt you down until you're dead. Now as the traveling rules, every topic must be of at least 200 words person to get from one village to another one. If the post count was not met we will ask you to edit and add more into the topic or the topic will be voided.

So there are no confusion we would expect people to post their word count at the bottom of every traveling topic you've made that will saves us a lot of time. In a traveling topic you must state your reason, that meaning your purpose of traveling your location. Traveling topics are always private unless the one who posted the topic decides to put it as [OPEN] therefore anyone can just jump in in your thread and even kill you. To increase the action more we do not allow [No killing] topics for the simple fact that you're traveling and you can be ambushed and killed at any time.

You can put your topic as [Private] that way Jounin pursuing you or other ninja from another village can't enter. Although this rule doesn't apply for Missing Ninja. Missing Ninja can enter a topic whether it is Private or Open and kill you if they wish. For that same reason we do not allow genin to go on missions by themselves. And are only allowed to do missions in the village or around the gates. Because you may choose to leave the village the other village will have about 72 hours to search for you and jump in your topic and catch you if they wish. If that much time has passed you may carry on and you have made your escape a perfect one.

Credit to Jace/Phantom.
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Traveling Rules
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