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 General Training Guide

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PostSubject: General Training Guide   Sat Mar 13, 2010 8:22 pm

~Training Guide~

E rank: Need about 100 words to be learned.
D rank: Need about 200 words to be learned.
C rank: Need about 300 words to be learned.
B rank: Need about 600 words to be learned.
A rank: Need about 800 words to be learned.
S rank: Need about 1,000 words to be learned.

This is a simple guide that needs to be followed. Every time a person is trying to train for a jutsu they must meet the word requirements as shown above in the guide. And you MUST place the word count at the bottom of each training topic. If you're a Genin you cannot train for a B rank Jutsu. As soon as you try to get it approved,the jutsu will be denied. You have to train jutsus according to your rank. The only way to train a higher jutsu its by earning points that you gain through finishing missions.


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General Training Guide
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