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Welcome to NaruGods RPG Incarnation. I hope you'll bring your friends and your friends friends to the site. It would really help. Smile
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 Rules to Follow

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PostSubject: Rules to Follow   Tue Oct 13, 2009 9:36 pm

1. No God-modding: God-modding is when you dodge every attack, hit your opponent without giving them a chance to dodge, make your character super powerful at a low rank, or even control your opponent's actions. An example of this would be: Tatsu ducked dodging the blow and punched his opponent in the face. His opponent was sent flying across the battle field with severe injuries and landed on an explosive tag. Then he exploded and died.

--------That violates two of the forms of God-modding. Tatsu punched his opponent giving them no chance to dodge, controlled their damage, and also controlled where they landed.
--------Punishments for God-modding: God-modding will cause you to automatically lose the match declaring your opponent the winner. If the God-modding is extremely bad and persists your opponent may be given permission to kill off your character.

2. Swearing limited in posting! We do NOT want to find a post saying. “Fuck, I died thanks to that cunts ass”. That is NOT ACCEPTABLE, depending on the choice of words. Also, you get 3 strikes, a warning, a strike, and another strike. The Warning counts as a strike. Bastard and Damnit are excepted, others will have to be looked at. Also something like "Tatsu threw a kick at the ugly ass ninja." will not be tolerated, not only is this provoking a fight but also poor RPing.

3. No 1 Line Posting, you should know this one, add detail in your posts or don’t post at all. So No
“I don’t care” Said Tajo, or
“It’s me” Said Ire.
Just add detail, like what your character did, the surroundings, the mood, setting, etc.

4. Do NOT post websites in the chatbox, only in the advertisement section; any websites found in the chatbox without administrator’s permission will get kicked out of the chatbox. Also no advertising through PM unless you have asked and received permission from an Administrator. If you have no permission you will be punished. This is not, and will not be allowed.

5. Please people, try to have some discipline, we want to have a good site, not one that just erupts with complaints. The staff works hard to make this a great site, especially Saruno so please if you have any problems be polite about them. Do not just come out and shout "Dang, these stupid idiots need to approve my freakin app!" we move as fast as we can. We have lives and can't be bother to approve every single application every single minute of the day.

6. Metagaming is not tolerated anytime in the forum, at all. Any kind of this play will be instant ban on sight. Metagaming is when your character knows something that you do. It CANNOT be so, if you have not RP'ed the moment, or have had your character seen it for themselves. NO exceptions. Remember: Any Metagaming, is BANNED ON SIGHT. Meta-gaming is could be like the example below:
Tasno knew that Shizu was scared of snakes so he performed a genjutsu of Shizu being eaten by a giant snake.
But if it is something obvious like a super obvious genjutsu and your character is very smart, and it states it on your character personality we may allow your character to figure out that it's a genjutsu depending on the rank of the genjutsu and the rank of your character.

7. Respect the staff. We work hard and if you disagree with an administrator's decision or disrespect a staff member you will be punished severly. We will not accept disrespect when we work hard on this site to make it enjoyable for you guys. We try to make the best decisions possible but if you greatly disagree with an administrator or moderator's decision you may PM one of the other administrators instead of making it public or disrespecting them. Here is a list of people you may PM if this occurs...

8. No flaming another member, making fun of them, etc. If you are all out made of please PM an administrator or moderator. This will not be tolerated and will be dealt with.

9. Disciplinary actions are as follows in the forum and Chatbox:

Chatbox Discipline
1st: Warning
2nd: Second Warning
3rd: Kick from Chatbox
4th: Ban from Chatbox. 3 Days.
5th: Ban from Chatbox. 7 days.
6th: Permanent Ban.
~If the action of the rule breaker is severe enough a second warning or kick may be skipped to a ban.

Forum Discipline
1st: Warning
2nd: Second Warning
3rd: Ban from Forum for 3 days.
4th: Ban from Forum for 7 Days.
5th: Permanent Ban from Forum. IP will be banned.

Restricted List:

1. No Chidori or Rasengan. The only way you would actually be able to learn it is if we the staff give you permission to use it. It will only be given to those who will know how to use them without god modding. Otherwise we would not like to see it on your application without first having permission from an Admin. Thus you cannot recreate rasengan or any other simmilar techniques.

2. No Bijuu or demons at all. We consider that very over powered and cannot be used. It might come later on in the RP but as of now we do not allow it.

3. No Senjutsu a.ka Sage mode in here unless we actually let you have it. And like the chidori it will only be given to those who will know how to use them well without godmodding or cheating their way through a fight. But again this will need very, i mean very high rping experience.

4. Mangekyou Sharingan is not available as soon a you join and cannot create a character with it. It is only obtained via RP and is only given permission to those who will use them well without any godmodding.

5. No Flying Thunder God technique of any sort. It is considered rather and very OP in RP and is restricted.
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Rules to Follow
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